Questionable Taste

I don’t know if the following sort of thing undermines this sites ability to be a trusted opinion, diversifies it or just makes me look like a total asshole. Either way, these entries are a bit atypical. I can’t say that I love them but I also know I can’t stop listening to them once I start.

Promotional instrumental version of a forthcoming track from Cobby Dollar. I’m entranced by the musical version and can’t wait to hear what the fleshed out rendition sounds like.

Anything tagged as #pyschdelicstonerprogressiveblues (one word) with hand drawn alien art reminiscent of The Great Gazoo is going to grab my attention. Song titles like “Everything is Tom Cruise” just help to augment that. Is Telepathic Artisan trying to sound crazy or actually crazy and just capturing his rantings in musical form? It’s a mystery probably best left unsolved.