First Generation Records

wott-firstgen – aka First Generation Records – has uploaded a ton of country classics to their Bandcamp acccount. Typically, I try to stray from mentioning much of anything having to do with country music in the realm of WOTT. The whole point of this blog is to showcase the diversity of our fair city outside of the country realm. However, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and recognize your roots. Real, legitimate, country music has its place and shouldn’t be pushed to the back corner just because of past 30 years of lame Music Row acts that typically come to mind.

Long story short, there’s some gold in here. Particularly this Pete Drake record that I don’t think I could ever listen to enough. Sadly, it doesn’t feature Forever but that’s the real beauty of these country music albums – they’re enjoyable by themselves but they can also lead you down a path to other goodness you might never have encountered.