Caveman the Wise – Wax Eclectic

Caveman the Wise
Wax Eclectic
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I’ll be 100% honest; Caveman the Wise may not reside in Nashville. He may, in fact, be from Chicago. My cursory Googling research has led me to believe that he possibly spends his time between the two. Despite that questionable factoid, he definitely is signed to Nashville’s Day Old Records; home to WOTT favorites Jota Ese. Moreso, the Wax Eclectic album is a pretty phenomenal listen. Plenty of solid hip-hop beats, samples, “chillwave”, downtempo, instrumental goodness.

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  • Molly Flannigan says:

    Caveman produces sound like no other. His chill beats and exceptionally selected samples layer together effortlessly. This solid debut effort has left me wanting more from the elusive Caveman the Wise.