Dust and Grooves: Ben Blackwell


Dust & Grooves is a fantastic music blog showcasing vinyl collectors and the culture surrounding them. There’s a ton of great content on the site but they just released a new mix and an accompanying great writeup on Third Man Records / solo artist / vinyl connoisseur Ben Blackwell. There’s a lot of interesting information within regarding his collection and his involvement with Third Man but I find snippets like this the most compelling:

Q: What do you look for in a record?
A: Lately I’ve been looking for things that don’t make sense. Records that shouldn’t exist. Releases that seem stuck in a vacuum or created via time machine. But overall, a record should captivate you. It should elicit an emotion. It should tell a story. There’s no better format for the dissemination of a song that the 7” 45rpm record. That will never change.

Go read the article while you listen to the original mix Blackwell compiled to accompany it.