Call for Contribution

Fri May 18, 2018

The primary goal of WE OWN THIS TOWN is to showcase the diverse amount of talent that Nashville has to offer. Our podcasts are created by Nashville natives, our reviews focus [...]

The R. Stevie Moore Primer

Wed May 16, 2018

This 3-minute piece from Great Big Story does a great job of letting R. Stevie Moore explain R. Stevie Moore. In his own words, he walks through his history of recording, his [...]

House Show

Wed April 18, 2018

House Show Nashville is a YouTube channel filled with episodes of performances and interviews that takes place inside an “affordable neighborhood in East [...]

Musicians Corner 2018 Announce

Mon April 9, 2018

The lineup for the 2018 Musicians Corner series has been announced and there’s a great deal of local music represented. Look for performances from the likes of Nikki [...]

As the Keg Turns

Fri April 6, 2018

Do you know the Internationally Famous Twin Kegs bar? It’s a great dive on Thompson Lane that, occasionally, has some very bizarre karaoke. It also, apparently, has a [...]

Find the Beauty

Thu April 5, 2018 which we stumble upon a 2013 youtube series featuring Lindsay Jamieson hosting bands with a 48-hour song rework challenge.

Announcing Vidalotry

Mon February 12, 2018

Happy to announce a brand new limited series on the We Own This Town podcast network – Vidalotry. This ten episode transmission tackles the wit and wisdom of famed [...]

Meet Hott Minute

Mon February 5, 2018

Our aim at We Own This Town is to give voice to the talent of our city that may otherwise go overlooked. While they aren’t renowned performers in the music world or [...]

WPLN presents: The Promise

Tue January 30, 2018

While it’s not one of our podcasts, I’d still like to take a moment to point out the existence of Nashville Public Radio’s new series The Promise, a limited [...]

Welcome to We Own This Town

Sun January 7, 2018

Since 2006, We Own This Town has sought to shine a light on music that existed outside of the perception that Nashville is all pop country, honky tonks and Music Row. There [...]

Audiotree Live / Nashville

Wed November 15, 2017

There’s a massive catalog of live performances in the Audiotree Live catalog from a variety of bands, including some excellent performances from our Nashville friends. Here’s [...]

NORM launches Sandusky

Wed October 18, 2017

The Privates frontman launches new PledgeMusic campaign for concept album.