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Pumpkinseed – “Dumbass Day”

Dumbass Day by Pumpkinseed Cookeville’s Pumpkinseed is closing in fast on the release of their third full-length album, Big Believin’ Sky, and have posted two tracks to tease you to the full offering. The latest is “Dumbass Day“, a gently rolling track that builds into a cathartic release with plenty of horns, piano and the […]

Oubliette – The Passage

The six-minute track is a cathartic release of screamed and growled vocals mixed with hammering drums and some pleasantly intricate guitar work. It’s definitely metal but it’s not trying to murder you.

615 Sessions

Brand new in-studio video sessions undertaking featuring Sad Baxter and Leah Blevins. It’s early days for this one but the initial offerings are promising.

Volume 109

Episode 109! In which I use the word “vibes” approximately 10,000 times and compare bands that age me as a host. C’est le vie! Fortunately, the music isn’t aged, it’s all fresh and enjoyable.

Commander Keen – “When David Bowie Passed Away”

When David Bowie Passed Away by Commander Keen With a title like “When David Bowie Passed Away”, you’d think you were in for a forelorn ballad about the passing of the Earth’s finest Starman but Commander Keen‘s latest isn’t about delivering on expectations. This burst of a song – clocking in at 1:15 – is […]

Quichenight – “Woman Tonight” (Official Video)

Quichenight, aka Brett Rosenberg, will be releasing their sixth official full-length album (not counting lost albums, EP’s and mixtapes) Cooler Heads on June 1st, 2018. In lead up to that unveiling, he teamed up with Helen Gilley – of Butthole – to create a wonderfully absurd Ode to the Road, or, rather, an ode to […]

Exotic Doctors – Prescriptions

Jerry Campbell and Ryan Ervin alone have an impressive resume of bands between them including Spider Virus and The Carter Administration, respectively. It’d be unfair to compare this debut record, Prescriptions, with their prior work but it’s nice context to establish that this ain’t their first rodeo in the realm of crafting a song.

8: Gore’s Watergate Fix

In Episode Eight, Vidalotry explores Gore Vidal’s fascination with the downfall of Richard Nixon. Host Ryan Breegle looks at Gore’s early wariness of Nixon, the play he wrote using words directly from the President’s mouth, and Gore’s suspicions that were finally proven correct.

Maymorial Day

Our hosts, Ashley and Jamie, experience an intense bout of synchronicity. What do Sheryl Crow’s “My Favorite Mistake”, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Steve Buscemi and The Rock have in common? Spoiler alert, the answer is varying degrees of Hottness.

Bandcamp covers Nashville DIY Electronic Scene

Bandcamp, our favorite site for discovering Nashville music and for distributing music directly to fans, recently featured the Nashville DIY Electronic Scene with a rather lengthy article covering a handful of bands from the DIY Electronic and Underground scenes. Aside from WOTT favorites R. Stevie Moore and bleary, they also give plenty of press to […]