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Announcing Vidalotry

Happy to announce a brand new limited series on the We Own This Town podcast network – Vidalotry. This ten episode transmission tackles the wit and wisdom of famed intellectual Gore Vidal in his own words, through clips of interviews, public speaking and TV show appearances. The first teaser is available now and will give […]

Vidalotry: Coming Soon

Introducing Vidalotry, a new ten-part series podcast from Ryan Breegle that examines the wit and wisdom of famed intellectual and public persona Gore Vidal. Using a multitude of recordings, interviews and talk show appearances, Breegle examines Gore’s insights on homosexuality, politics, clashing opinions between creatives and much much more. This preview of the show gives […]

Yon Ort – Yon Ort EP

…rest assured that there’s plenty of thick bass lines, rolling guitars, swirling keyboards and creative vocal takes throughout.

Daniel Pingrey – Shorts

This ongoing gathering of tracks are, as the name implies, quite dainty in length but still manage to set an enjoyable mood in their brief lifespan. Hopefully he makes good on his promise to keep adding to the collection, as 3 tracks is simply not enough.

Hammock – Repeat / Texture

Repeat / Texture by Hammock In 2017, Hammock managed to release two full-length records; Mysterium and the Columbus original motion picture soundtrack. Both are meticulously crafted, deliberately paced, sweeping records of ambient post-rock instrumentals. With that in mind, it’s pleasantly surprising to see that they’ve already released another EP this early in 2018 with Repeat/Texture. […]

Meet Hott Minute

Our aim at We Own This Town is to give voice to the talent of our city that may otherwise go overlooked. While they aren’t renowned performers in the music world or up-and-coming comedians in the burgeoning Nashville stand-up scene, Hott Minute hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Jamie Bradley have been contributing their unique talents to […]

Episode 3: Pobody’s Nerfect

Jamie opens up about a very specific photo of Martin Landau, Ashley goes to bat for Ray Romano, and the girls deep-dive discuss Dwight Yoakam and Lorde. Plus! Blake Shelton, Prince, Ted McGinley, Alf, and an alarming Suits update.

Joshua Hedley – “Mr. Jukebox” (Official Video)

At the last Birdcloud Cool Christmas, Joshua Hedley took the stage and performed a stunning rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” His long-standing presence performing at Nashville honky-tonks was a sufficient endorsement of his skill but actually heard him sing in person is a different experience altogether. It was confirmation that his […]

Sad Baxter – “Baby” (Official Video)

We posted about the Sad Baxter single for “Baby” back in November when it was covered by NPR’s “Songs We Love” and now it’s got an official video – courtesy of the Nashville Cream premiere. The 90’s grunge vibe clearly influences more than just their music as this video is a perfect throwback to the […]

Emma Swift & Pony Boy – Neil Young Split

Neil Young split single by Emma Swift & Pony Boy (Mellow My Mind / Like A Hurricane) by Emma Swift & Pony Boy (Marchelle Bradanini) This new split single from Cosmic Thug Records features Emma Swift and Pony Boy each tackling covers of Neil Young – “Mellow My Mind” and “Like a Hurricane”, respectively. Pony […]