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Volume 105

We chat for about an hour covering Lehning’s history, his process with several projects and some of his upcoming collaborative projects; including a fascinating piece with Jasmin Kaset that stems straight from the mind of Pee-Wee Herman.

As the Keg Turns

Do you know the Internationally Famous Twin Kegs bar? It’s a great dive on Thompson Lane that, occasionally, has some very bizarre karaoke. It also, apparently, has a very odd YouTube channel featuring a series of soap opera style commercials cast with various bar staff and a few familiar faces from around town – Dean […]

Find the Beauty which we stumble upon a 2013 youtube series featuring Lindsay Jamieson hosting bands with a 48-hour song rework challenge.

4: The Buckley Debates

In Episode Four, Vidalotry explores the 1968 televised debates between Gore Vidal and William F Buckley, Jr. Host Ryan Breegle looks at how Gore prepared his witty remarks in advance, the speed at which the debate became nothing more than a war of words, and how both men were greatly affected by the aftermath.

7: The Biggest Mistake of Our Lives

An extended theme song from Dave Paulson sets the tone for a whirlwind episode. Ashley and Jamie provide an exhaustive apology regarding the egregious faux paus of Elizabeth Woodville from Episode Six, celebrate the questionably gothic antics of President Abraham Lincoln, the unassailable Phil Lynott, the unpronouncable Domhnall Gleeson, the better-than-Ryan-Adams Mandy Moore, deliver a high priority Suits update and provide a deep dive into Ashley’s bathtime rituals. All that AND the bag gives insights into Jay Duplass, Nigella Lawson, Justin Bieber and David Letterman.

Billy Anderson – Obstinato

Aside from the fact that it’s instrumental, the production and instrumentation here veers heavily into an almost Muzak zone. It’s borderline corny but entrancing with its variety.

ONRI – Ephemera

The production here is thick and murky with the songs embracing an almost transcendental state of immersion.

bloopr – [7Loops]

I thought it was doots but it’s not. Regardless, some pleasantly soulful beats here ripe for usage in a longer form.