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The Schwa – Bound to Happen

It’s remarkable to hear the result of songwriting written by a group potentially influenced heavily by the late 90’s, mid 2000’s barrage of BritRock bands.

Sundaes – “Pretty Wife”

The official video for Sundaes latest release, “Pretty Wife“, showcases a snow-filled landscape of choreographed dance (courtesy of Amanda Hameline) overlaid with dreamy splashes of color and sparkling outfits. It’s a visual spectacle but the real reward here is the song itself. The plodding bass line, textured keyboards and touches of guitar feel directly influenced […]

Volume 108

One hundred and eight episodes in to this show it’s probably a bit absurd to still to be surprised at the wealth of talent our metropolitan area continues to produce but the feeling hasn’t waned one bit.

daliah – plants1

.plants1 by daliah/a The plants1 EP from daliah is a very ambient undertaking filled with drawn out sounds and a calming nature. It’s a great piece to put on in the mornings and help slowly draw you into your day. Listening to this, I can’t help but be reminded of one of my all-time favorite, […]

Cloudmouth – Dark Energy

There’s a lot to digest here stylistically and lyrically but it’s clearly a band that has refined and expanded their sound. Sit with this one for a bit and be pleased.

Call for Contribution

The primary goal of WE OWN THIS TOWN is to showcase the diverse amount of talent that Nashville has to offer. Our podcasts are created by Nashville natives, our reviews focus on local music only and we offer our studio for anyone living in the area that needs to use it. But we don’t want […]

le skunk – Putter

The latest (and technically first) EP from le skunk, PUTTER, starts off like a lost AC/DC track but quickly reveals itself as a brilliant dose of pop rock with garage sensibilities. Both “Nothing to Lose” and “One of a Kind” are catchy as hell with their subtle keyboards, call-and-response chorus and constant driving guitars.

The R. Stevie Moore Primer

This 3-minute piece from Great Big Story does a great job of letting R. Stevie Moore explain R. Stevie Moore. In his own words, he walks through his history of recording, his recent embrace by a wider audience and, most importantly, why his catalog of work is so huge.

Cortney Tidwell – “Be Gentle”

Fourteen minutes is a long time for any song but there’s a meditative state that this is capable of putting you in if you embrace it. Turn it up loud and let those booming drums wrap you up tight, like a good ole fashioned swaddling.

7: The Three Kennedys

In Episode Seven, Vidalotry explores Gore Vidal’s entrance into the Kennedy inner circle. Host Ryan Breegle looks at Gore’s family ties to Jackie, the bad blood between Gore and Bobby, and his thoughts on what really led to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Halloween in May

In this tenth episode blowout extravaganza, Tristen provides a wonderful new theme song while Ashley and Jamie invite their lawyer Brooks aboard Hott Minute to take a deep dive into the Bag of Hotties. Competitive analysis takes place in a head to head challenge and trio dives into Hott Takes on the latest US Weekly.