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Jordan Lehning – Long Live the Dead

Jordan Lehning is responsible for a lot of great music coming out of Nashville. His personal involvement in acts like Eureka Gold and The Non-Commissioned Officers would be plenty to have left a mark on the city but he’s also responsible for producing a great deal of other acts. His credits include Caitlin Rose, Jasmin […]

bleary – Cities Under Cities WXNA

Bleary 2-24-2018 by Cities Under Cities on WXNA Cities Under Cities is a show on WXNA hosted by Kelsey Delaney that hosts a different band each week and has them perform in studio. The result is both a compelling chunk of radio but, also, a large repository of recordings of said sets. Many of those […]

Volume 103

Another collection of wonderful variety from our fine city. A brand new song from Pale Houses, a debut from bleary, what I’m calling “Chaotic Vaporwave” and some minimal ambient music out of Murfreesboro. All that and a correction on how to pronounce Joe Pisapia… we all learn something.

All Them Witches – Lost and Found

Lost And Found EP by All Them Witches All Them Witches have a long history with releasing short lived digital releases containing bootlegs and b-sides. Their latest, Lost and Found, might end up being a temporary offering so we do suggest partaking at your earliest convenience. The four song EP covers some interesting ground. They’re […]

2: Candidate Vidal

In Episode Two, Vidalotry explores Gore Vidal’s love/hate relationship with America. Host Ryan Breegle looks at Gore’s two political campaigns, his controversial views on party politics, and the play he wrote about the scandalous secrets candidates dig up to use against each other.