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Kellen of Troy – “Selfish Kind of Love”

Kellen of Troy, aka Kellen Wenrich, has played alongside a long list of notables (Jenny Lewis, Mumford and Sons, The Wild Feathers, RayLand Baxter) but is likely best known to Nashville residents as the fiddle player in The Apache Relay. He released his Sad Bastard EP in 2017 and is now following up with a […]

Christopher Sur – Christopher Sur

Christopher Sur by Christopher Sur This going to sound real shitty but Cover Art can be a deceiving undertaking. From the face of it, you might think this Christopher Sur EP is an homage to alterna-rock, the soundtrack to some eXtreme skydiving or maybe a Trent Reznor tribute. No offense to the graphic artist involved […]

Brendan Benson – “Half a Boy (And Half a Man)”

Third Man Records announced that they’ll be releasing a new Brendan Benson 7″ for “Half a Boy (And Half a Man)” on Friday, Feb. 19th to independent record stores with an exclusive b-side. Fortunately, they’ve made the A side available digitally, right now. The track seems to harken more to his bigger rock sound from […]

Party Trash – Squares

squares by PARTY TRASH One of the best things to happen when mining for unearthed music in the Nashville area is stumbling upon an artist you’ve never heard previously mentioned that just so happens to have a huge catalog of works in a genre you’d never associate with the city. There’s almost zero easily obtainable […]

E-Jail – E-Jail 2

E-JAIL 2 by E-JAIL For reasons I can not fully explain, I have a deep affinity for the work of E-Jail. His first release, simply titled The Name of this Band is E-Jail, features primary songwriter Rafer White on the cover, standing in his bathrobe and fluorescent shorts. The music is an eclectic mixture of […]

toehead – My Heart Pumps Piss For You

My Heart Pumps Piss For You by toehead The second full-length from Ohio transplant toehead, My Heart Pumps Piss For You, is exemplary in the DIY bedroom genre. It has a small and intimate vibe but still carefully pored over for additional, subtle, textures – like a faint drum beat or layered, meandering, guitars.  It’s […]

Shanshala – Point Nemo

The opening notes of the Point Nemo EP from Shanshala are a deceptive representation of the two full songs that make up the release. A gently strumming acoustic guitar accompanied by a warm organ might fool your brain into thinking you’re in for some Lightning 100-esque Adult Contemporary but the vocals introduce themselves with a […]

Welcome to We Own This Town

Since 2006, We Own This Town has sought to shine a light on music that existed outside of the perception that Nashville is all pop country, honky tonks and Music Row. There are thriving communities of rock, electronic, hip-hop, DIY and weirdo music that deserve to be heard and recognized for what they bring to […]

Billy Anderson – Billy Again Lately

A lifetime could be spent documenting the work of R. Stevie Moore. Part of that undertaking would be shining a light on many of the 40 years worth of collaborations Moore has given the world. One such frequent collaborator is Billy Anderson, reportedly Moore’s best friend since the late 60′s and, from the sounds of […]

The Pills – Lost Tape

There’s something completely endearing about listening to a band that wears their influences brightly on their sleeve. Assuming you also enjoy those influences, it creates an instant common ground. The Explorer’s Club channels The Beach Boys every bit as much as Bully channels Grunge. They do it with their own twist and expertise but, regardless, […]

DEDSA – “Lighter Click”

The official music video for DEDSA’s “Lighter Click” has a visual aesthetic that you would typically associate with thrashing metal bands obsessed with wizards, creatures and fantasy tropes of all sorts. Surprisingly, the song is a dance-y number with a slow build into a chaotic explosion of energy. I’m honestly blown away by the style of […]

Volume 99

Welcome to 2018! While an astronomer might be quick to point out that there is nothing astronomically significant about January 1st, it works quite well as a time to refresh and begin again. A Fresh Start if you will. We’re hurdling into the new year by posting another 25 minutes of great local music.