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Mon, Jun. 5, 2017

Volume 87

I've been living in New York for the past four years but have managed to keep up with the Nashville music scene during that time and continued to churn out these podcasts. I've never felt a period of time where I wasn't impressed by the volume and diversity of great music the city has to offer. I look forward to many more editions of continued greatness, such as this one.
  • Hudson McNeese - main menu
  • Phantom Farmer - Cross Town Kids
  • Jensen Sportag - Levitation Dream
  • Penicillin Baby - Who Cares
  • Steelism - Eno Nothing
  • Savoy Motel - Western Version Boogie
  • BRiLeY - Prolly So
  • Kelsey Kopecky - I Don't Know
  • Clear Plastic Masks - Take a Little Drag
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Mon, May. 8, 2017

Volume 86

Another blazing example of the wealth of diversity of styles that can be found emerging from Nashville. Melancholy pop, keyboard dancefloor jams, bedroom noodling and even some instrumental metal; Music City's (secretly) got it all.
  • Future Crib - Reason
  • Kim Logan - Monday Night Soul
  • Scale Model - Other Voices
  • Daddy Issues - I'm Not
  • Levi J Miller - CASH
  • Woodsplitter - Lord Of The Isles
  • Chompsky - Sad Boy, Baby
  • Future Crib - Draag
  • Orchid - Wilder
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Tue, Apr. 4, 2017

Volume 85

Without trying too hard, this edition of the podcast ended up being a pop rock extravaganza. Feel good vibes throughout to prep your brain for the changing of the seasonal tides.
  • Moruga Scorpio - Don't Hang Up the Party Line.
  • Halfnoise - French Class
  • Okey Dokey - Sweatin Something Awful
  • The Mute Group - A E I O U
  • Bravemaker - Feel Like I'll Fold In On Myself
  • Asher Horton - Sitars and Saffrons
  • Kristoff Walktz - truly/really
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Tue, Mar. 14, 2017

Volume 84


Let's call it fundamentals. A WOTT podcast should consist of a variety of music showcasing the Nashville local music scene but keep it under the 40 minute mark. This volume includes a heavy dose of indie rock, keyboard pop, grunge rock, traditional country and desert psych rock - clocking in at 34 minutes. Enjoy.

  • R Stevie Moore + Jason Falkner - I Love Us, We Love Me.
  • Idle Bloom - Diamond Mind
  • Daddy Issues - In Your Head
  • Fluorescent Half Dome - Palace Walls
  • Gentleman Divers - The Pirate & The Doctor
  • Tower Defense - Not Safe (outtake)
  • Anchor Thieves - Afterwise
  • Little Bandit - Pitiful Heart
  • All Them Witches - Alabaster
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Thu, Feb. 9, 2017

Volume 83


Back to basics with this edition of the podcast; showcasing the amazing variety of music our local scene has to offer. This really spans the gamut of psychedelic pop to space folk to fuzzed out 8-bit bedroom jams to introspective explorations. We've really got it all!

  • Promised Land Sound
  • The Paperhead
  • Mom and Dad
  • Skyway Man
  • Elite Geographic
  • Real Yawny
  • The Lees of Memory
  • lylas
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Mon, Jan. 9, 2017

Volume 82


Here's Part Two of the Special Edition WOTT podcast with Apollo Up discussing their recently reissued album, Chariots of Fire.

This final segment with Au covers the second half of the album as well as the release and aftermath from the album. It's the opposite of a limp funk pastiche.

Many thanks to Ryan Ervin for hosting the band and Jeremy Ferguson for lending his studio Battle Tapes to record it.

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Wed, Jan. 4, 2017

Volume 81


Trying something a little different with this edition of the podcast. I invited the members of Apollo Up to sit down and discuss the writing, recording and aftermath behind their recently re-issued album, Chariots of Fire.

Full disclosure, my label yk records released the new vinyl edition of the record so I'm clearly biased in terms of interest levels around this kind of discussion. Regardless, I hope to expand this kind of talk to other bands outside of my own sphere.

This is part one of two, wherein the band discusses the recording of the album and breaks down each song on Side A. Many thanks to Ryan Ervin for hosting the band and Jeremy Ferguson for lending his studio Battle Tapes to record it.

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Wed, Dec. 14, 2016

Volume 80


In lieu of a Best Of podcast, I wanted to commemorate the 80th volume of the podcast with a guest curator; an undertaking there will be plenty more of in the future. So, I invited Olivia Scibelli to curate the entirety of the episodes programming. Olivia is best known for her work in Fancy Tramp, Idle Bloom and Husband Stitch, not to mention her involvement in various undertakings like Tennessee Rock Camp. Her work is often explosive and visceral (some bands more than others) but manages to maintain a level of accessibility.

Her selections are a great peek inside a world of Nashville music that I, personally, was not very familiar with. From the growling Devaga Bike to the barking Chunk to the gentle Lawndry, there's a bit of everything in here.

Many thanks to Olivia for putting this together and allowing We Own This Town to feature a lot of artists we've missed previously.

  1. Husband Stitch - Yourself, Under the Microscope
  2. Negra - Want It
  3. Devaga Bike - Horny Math
  4. Watcher - Chunk
  5. Lean - Blooming
  6. Lawndry - Naomi
  7. Sallow - Erase You
  8. Modern Convenience - Fuck Off
  9. Soccer Mommy - 3 am at a party
  10. Gnarwhal - Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy_Stella
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Wed, Nov. 23, 2016

Volume 79


Give Thanks! Nashville continues to have an absolutely thriving scene of music. This 30 minute mix scratches the surface of a few recent releases but there's plenty more goodness to come. Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

  1. New Man - Maybe I'm Feeling Fine
  2. Savoy Motel - Souvenir Shop Rock
  3. Lister Brothers - Another Game to Play
  4. Bravemaker - Getting Numb
  5. Jay Leo Phillips - Your Ship
  6. GAY VIBES - W E M E L T (ft. Leticia Wolf)
  7. Wildfront - Stay in One Place
  8. Goth Babe - Dazed
  9. ELEL - Automatic
  10. Ducko McFli - RoofTop
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Sun, Nov. 6, 2016

Volume 78


An eclectic gathering of new(ish) music from the Nashville area. I'm extremely happy of how varied and genre spanning ole "Country Music USA" can actually get. This 30 minute set literally jumps from hip-hop to indie rock to dystopian electronic music to country music and metal. There was a time when no one would have ever expected that from us.

  1. BRiLeY - The Search
  2. BRiLeY - Rare Love
  3. PANGS - Cannonball (Breeders)
  4. Rainbow Cannons - Rainbow Cannons
  5. Makeup and Vanity Set - Great Leader Has Fallen
  6. Quichenight - Theme from Camille's Market
  7. William Tyler - Gone Clear
  8. Sugar Skulls - gini rising
  9. Howling Giant - Dirtmouth
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