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Wed, Sep. 30, 2015

Volume 69


It has been, admittedly, a few months since the last edition of the podcast. However, that does not mean it's been a few months since I've actually compiled one, it's just been awhile since I released one. The delay is unfortunate but it works out favorably because these songs are still great, no matter when you experience them.

  1. Steelism - The Serge
  2. PANGS - Already Dead
  3. Photo Ops - Maybe We'll Change
  4. Supermelt - Nobody Else
  5. HeCTA - Give Us Your Names
  6. BEDROOM - Work this out
  7. Iron/Fox - Octogenesis (Something Beautiful)
  8. The Minor Toughs - Don't Mess With Tennessee
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Thu, Jun. 25, 2015

Volume 68


Some editions of this podcast are better than others but this particular edition seems like it's already hit my heavy rotation. Music in Nashville is in a GOOD place right now and these seven songs help exemplify that diversity and enjoyability.

  1. Wildfront - Love is Not Eternal
  2. repeat repeat - mostly
  3. R Stevie Moore - Found a Job
  4. Charlie Shea - BLOO
  5. Also This - Girls Don't Speak Bro Code
  6. JAWWS - Livingston
  7. BecomingTheDevourer - The Fever Dream of a Dying God
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Mon, May. 18, 2015

Volume 67

THIS EPISODE IS CURATED BY Elizabeth Cameron of Forget Cassettes.

Chalk it up to years of touring and being nailed to women-only bills, but I have a slight irritation of ‘female centric’ lists, line-ups, bios, and press. However, I do think it’s imperative to point out that the gender gap is no closer to closing in 2015 than it was in 1995. The Guardian recently published this statistic: This year, 89.6% of the acts confirmed for Reading and Leeds are all-male. These are not the only festivals that seem to have a gender bias going on. Some execs have cited oversights, others have said it’s just a matter of availability. With this kind of denial, we shouldn’t be surprised that we’re still dealing with women artists being ‘othered’ and treated as token minorities in mainstream music.

Here’s my short list of some of Nashville’s most talented ladies. I chose to stay in more rock/pop territory because I think Nashville is still pretty under represented when it comes to genres other than country, folk, and americana. In that case, I want to make sure I mention Margo Price, Caitlin Rose, Birdcloud, Those Darlins, Alana Royale, and Thelma and the Sleaze for working their asses off to make this town brim with great music. I’m also looking forward to new music by Adia Victoria, the Dead Deads, and Ariel Bui. Some of the artists I chose for this playlist are great friends, some are acquaintances, and some I barely know - but all I deeply respect for their artistry. Each of these songs are very special to me. When I was growing up here and starting to play music, I was aware of only a teaspoon of female musicians in this town. Today, Nashville has a healthy tablespoon. This progress excites me. 

“We keep coming back to the question of representation because identity is always about representation. People forget that when they wanted white women to get into the workforce because of the world war, what did they start doing? They started having a lot of commercials, a lot of movies, a lot of things that were redoing the female image, saying, ‘Hey, you can work for the war, but you can still be feminine.’ So what we see is that the mass media, film, TV, all of these things, are powerful vehicles for maintaining the kinds of systems of domination we live under, imperialism, racism, sexism etc. Often there’s a denial of this and art is presented as politically neutral, as though it is not shaped by a reality of domination.”  -bell hooks

  1. Bully - I Remember
  2. Churchyard - Staring at the Sun
  3. Cortney Tidwell - 17 Horses
  4. Elle Macho - Bombs
  5. Idle Bloom - Fare Fumo
  6. Jasmin Kaset - Food
  7. Natalie Prass - My Baby Don't Understand Me
  8. POLY - Shears
  9. Ponychase - House in the Valley
  10. Tristen - Winter Night
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Mon, Apr. 20, 2015

Volume 66


Volume 66 by Weownthistown on Mixcloud

Another compilation of quality Nashville music that may not be on your radar. Please, put these on your Radar.
  1. Makeup and Vanity Set - Hand in Hand
  2. nightblonde - I Belong in Your Arms (demo)
  3. Gay Vibes - The Stab
  4. Adam Landry - Fall
  5. Mystery Twins - TV Talk
  6. Hurts to Laugh - Killing an Arab
  7. Joe Pisapia - Burned Out
  8. Jessie Baylie - To Hell and Back
  9. Fumble - shadows I
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Tue, Mar. 24, 2015

Volume 65

After a short hibernation, I'm back to posting semi-regular podcasts. The following is a collection of music unearthed during the quiet interim and more recent additions. Also, a little bookend tribute to the late Dave Cloud - who's music I was not personally familiar with but certainly feel like diving in now full force.
  1. Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power - Guy de Maupassant
  2. JEFF the Brotherhood - What's a Creep
  3. Angela Talley - Grave World
  4. Sugar Sk*_*lls - Solresol
  5. Sherbert - Rachel Knows
  6. Richie - Go Back Home
  7. Hands Down Eugene - Eva
  8. Norm - Remember
  9. All Them Witches - When God Comes Back (Live)
  10. Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power - Fever
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Tue, Jun. 4, 2013

Future Unknown

If you weren't aware, this site is the brainchild of Doug Lehmann (of Mystery Twins and, previously, The Clutters). However, all of the blog posts, podcasts, tweets, facebook posts and what nots are written by me - Michael Eades. Unfortunately, I'm moving up to New York and won't be continuing my active duties of curation here. I've setup a Tumblr to house future Nashville news and, once I'm settled, I'm going to merge that new site with this domain.

Long story short: changes to this site are coming in the future. In the short term, there won't be new posts for a week or so from myself. Just a heads up that we're in a bit of a hibernation stage.
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Mon, Jun. 3, 2013

Century Club – Dazed and Defused

Nashville has some fine Pop/Rock undertakings but Ryan Ervin's style has always been particularly unique and recognizable. Simple, catchy, songs with honest lyrical content. Can't argue with that. Listen to the new Century Club EP for evidence.
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Fri, May. 31, 2013

Ben Spinks Supermelt – “D”


Ben Spinks Supermelt - "D"

Because sometimes you just need a quality rock song in your life.

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Thu, May. 30, 2013

Tetsuo – “Anton”

Tetsuo - "Anton"

From their forthcoming July 4th release... Details still emerging.

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Wed, May. 29, 2013

We Own This Town: Volume 63

I've been having a look back through the archive at some of the earlier podcasts and guess what? They had one, maybe two, sentence descriptions. This exposition is ridiculous! You know what the podcast is and what it contains!
  1. Bully - Bully
  2. Ultras S/C - 1417 Roberts Ave
  3. Penicillin Baby - The World's Not Waiting
  4. Hotpipes - Magic is Everywhere
  5. Bad Cop - Mama Said
  6. NORM - Across the Bow
  7. blackbear - Stormy Weather
  8. Los Colognes - 99 Ways
  9. Blank Range - Same Sun
  10. Kokopeligroso - Moonshadows
  11. Coupler - Kitezh
  12. Hollow Ox - Give me a Light
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