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Wed, Jul. 20, 2016

Volume 77


I hope you like the rock music because this one is bubbling over with it. All sorts of rock music! Psychedelic rock! Surf rock! 90's Rock! Thick Riff Rock! Rock Grown From Emo Roots! Oh, and a bit of diversity with the mesmerizing looping of CASA and the glitchy fun of Real Yawny.

  1. Penicillin Baby - Working Man
  2. Adia Victoria - Dead Eyes
  3. VampTones - Black Shadow
  4. Meter - All Of Trump-Kind
  5. The By Gods - Phone Calls
  6. Anchor Thieves - Mermice
  7. Tower Defense - Glyphs
  8. Happy Little Trees - My Rings Show My Age
  9. Rales - Write Off
  10. CASA - Fogpuncher
  11. Real Yawny - Oh
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Tue, Jul. 5, 2016

Volume 76


The purpose of the We Own This Town podcast is to create a living historical document of Nashville music. When I slack on publishing new editions, some music may fall through the cracks. This can not be! So, I'm kicking myself in the ass to catch up and make sure that all of the great releases coming out of our fine town can be properly enjoyed now and revisited later.

  1. repeat repeat - Plugged In
  2. Music Band - Green Lights
  3. Tower Defense - History
  4. Paulson - Six Months in a Leaky Boat (Split Enz)
  5. Bravemaker - 1234567
  6. Lees of Memory - Soft Places (33 1/3 rpm)
  7. Regatta - Finale
  8. Kristoff Waltz - Virginia, 1923
  9. Okey Dokey -Wavy Gravy
  10. Nobility - Heart Is Strange
  11. Success Factors - ナイトライフ
  12. RIFFT - The Two That Became None
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Wed, Jun. 15, 2016

Volume 75


75 episodes of this podcast. That seems like a lot so I'm taking a moment to reflect back on some of the artists of the days of yore. You know, early 2000's-ish. It's a throwback episode! Everyone loves a bit of nostaliga.

  1. Character - Theme From "Starkweather"
  2. Duraluxe - Phantom Power
  3. Forget Cassettes - Bruce Wayne
  4. Whole Fantastic World - Beets For Bombs
  5. Hotpipes - A Brain And A Vegetable
  6. The Features - 33.3
  7. The Mattoid - Easy Livin'
  8. Lone Official - Le Coq Sportif
  9. De Novo Dahl - Be Your Man
  10. The Clutters - Rock And Roll
  11. The Privates - If I Should Call Your Name
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Wed, Feb. 3, 2016

Volume 74


Fun fact, the release of Volume 74 of the podcast coincides with the day of my birth. This is my gift to you. Okay, it's actually 30+ minutes of Nashville musicians collective gifts to you because it wouldn't exist without them. The following is culled from very recent releases or slightly upcoming releases. For all the (legitimate) complaints about #NewNashville, there's still a shining beacon of greatness in the music.

  1. Daddy Issues - Drop Out
  2. Butthole - She Boop She Boo Thang
  3. The By Gods - The Stairs
  4. Anchor Thieves - Isn't Anything
  5. Dave Paulson - Beep Bop Beep
  6. Brooke Waggoner - Ovenbird
  7. Lionlimb - Domino
  8. The Nobility - On the Sly
  9. UZi - Uh Huh
  10. Goth Babe - Bummed Out
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Sun, Jan. 24, 2016

Volume 73


Despite my best efforts to slow it down, 2016 is hurdling along. This edition of the podcast is comprised of many great releases from the end of 2015. After this, I should be able to keep up with actual new releases. Regardless, you probably missed these at the end of the year so take some time to properly reflect on them now.

  1. Johnny Flame and the Jaws of Victory - Where The Sun Never Shines (11-5-15)
  2. ONLY Giant Sunflowers
  3. Bootleg Glory - Young Ambition
  4. Idle Bloom - Some Paranoia
  5. SLACK - Over The Threshold
  6. JEFF the Brotherhood - Deep Space Bound On The Edge Of Reality
  7. BLK PWR - B▲D ЯØM▲NC∃
  8. Linear Downfall - The Question
  9. PUJOL - Funky Magus
  10. German Error Message - Everything is scary
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Mon, Dec. 21, 2015

Volume 72


This edition of the podcast is a little shorter than usual but I'm, officially, calling it an addendum to Volume 58, The Christmas Podcast. In both collections you will find a mixture of heartfelt or feelgood or rocking or melancholy Christmas songs. In this new volume we add on newly released songs, oversights from the prior release and a proper revisit to the David Argyle Thacker Mouth Trumpet Album because that simply never gets old.

  1. Timbre - Silent Night (8 Yr Old)
  2. Steelism - Christmas Around the World
  3. Birdcloud - Cool Christmas
  4. David Argyle Thacker - Jingle Bells
  5. Quichenight - Gentrifyin' Santa
  6. Keegan DeWitt (feat Roman Candle) - It's Christmas
  7. The Bridges - I'm Going to Lasso Santa Claus
  8. Boom Forest - Christmas Dad
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Mon, Dec. 14, 2015

Volume 71


Playing a bit of catch-up on these podcasts but I am loving pumping them out more regularly. It seems like someone could do this weekly and it would be incredibly fresh. That person won't be ME but it seems like *someone* could and it'd be a helluva nice archive of new releases.

...But I digress. These songs were released in the Fall and contain many great songs on the albums they stem from. Let this be the start of your enjoyment.

  1. Happy Little Trees - All My Friends Are Famous
  2. The Features - Dreams
  3. Sol Cat - The Knot
  4. Fuzz Ghosts - Dead Fish
  5. Blinds - Mint + Nicotine
  6. Kyle Andrews - Pretty Good
  7. Friendship Commanders - Jean Dark
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Tue, Dec. 1, 2015

Volume 70


Another podcast intended for the more summer-y times but still standing the test of time in terms of great, enjoyable, Nashville music. If you didn't already know these songs, now you do and you're better off for it. Reconsider your 2015 Best Of list if a handful of these aren't present.

  1. Mouth Reader - Freak
  2. Ardis Theolis - Atlantica Pacifica
  3. Benjamin A Harper - Wait for It
  4. Jasmin Kaset - Matador
  5. BRLY - genuflect
  6. You Are a Hologram - Red Flag
  7. Jupiter Is My Hard Drive - Stars Fell
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Wed, Sep. 30, 2015

Volume 69


It has been, admittedly, a few months since the last edition of the podcast. However, that does not mean it's been a few months since I've actually compiled one, it's just been awhile since I released one. The delay is unfortunate but it works out favorably because these songs are still great, no matter when you experience them.

  1. Steelism - The Serge
  2. PANGS - Already Dead
  3. Photo Ops - Maybe We'll Change
  4. Supermelt - Nobody Else
  5. HeCTA - Give Us Your Names
  6. BEDROOM - Work this out
  7. Iron/Fox - Octogenesis (Something Beautiful)
  8. The Minor Toughs - Don't Mess With Tennessee
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Thu, Jun. 25, 2015

Volume 68


Some editions of this podcast are better than others but this particular edition seems like it's already hit my heavy rotation. Music in Nashville is in a GOOD place right now and these seven songs help exemplify that diversity and enjoyability.

  1. Wildfront - Love is Not Eternal
  2. repeat repeat - mostly
  3. R Stevie Moore - Found a Job
  4. Charlie Shea - BLOO
  5. Also This - Girls Don't Speak Bro Code
  6. JAWWS - Livingston
  7. BecomingTheDevourer - The Fever Dream of a Dying God
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