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Tue, May. 21, 2013

Scale Model – “Do It Tonight” Remixes


Scale Model - "Do It Tonight" Remixes

two fresh remixes - one from Makeup and Vanity Set, one from The Leech Boyz. Be sure to hear the original as well on the self-titled EP.

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Mon, May. 20, 2013

Tue Mommies – Mother Knows Best

Tue Mommies - Mother Knows Best

If you recall, I recently pointed you in the direction of the works of Jerry Campbell - an underrated local musician that, deservedly, got a tribute record from several of his friends. Now he's got a new project all his own entitled Tue Mommies. There's already a full-length and an EP ready for your consumption. I suggest starting with Fore!, one of my personal favorites of the batch thus far.

I've got a good feeling this won't be the last time we hear from Mr. Campbell.
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Thu, May. 16, 2013

Los Colognes – Working Together


Los Colognes - Working Together

Despite the fact that I just posted about their initial single, the full-length album from Los Colognes, Working Together, is now available Rachel Briggs really caught my eye - hence the immediate posting about it here. The album will be available May 28th but you might as well go ahead and order it now - look at it! It's gorgeous. Oh, and that preview track is pretty great too.

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Tue, May. 14, 2013

Tower Defense – “The Lottery”

Tower Defense - "The Lottery" (Rough)

It's not entirely mixed or mastered yet but this new track from Tower Defense is great. Double bass playing is not something you would likely immediately gravitate towards but it creates this amazing combo of post-rock angularity and totally dance-y grooves. I can't wait to hear more.
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Mon, May. 13, 2013

Apollo Up covering Mission of Burma

It's always nice when Apollo Up! gets back together for various shows and special undertakings. Such was the case with the BOSTON One Fund Fundraiser at Mercy Lounge last week when they covered five Mission of Burma songs. If you missed it, or just want to live it again, you can watch all five songs right here.
NEWS · Comments Off · Mon, May. 13th, 2013 at 10:00am

German Error Message – The Lifting


German Error Message - The Lifting

If you're at all familiar with the work of The Microphones, this quiet collection of songs from Murfreesboro's German Error Message will be a real treat to your ears. There is a tension and a authenticity that comes with the hushed approach. I'm happy to hear music of this vein coming from our area.

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Fri, May. 10, 2013

Los Colognes – “Working Together”

Los Colognes - "Working Together"

The first single from East Nashville's Los Colognes is a breezy little upbeat number. Hard not to enjoy it. Curious to hear more!
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Thu, May. 9, 2013

Dirty Water: A Boston Fundraiser

Tonight at Mercy Lounge will be a little event called Dirty Water : A Benefit for the Victims of the Boston Bombing. This gathering, put on by everyone's favorite Boston ex-pat Sean Maloney, will not only raise funds for victims of the bombing but it will also provide you with a healthy dose of quality entertainment.Look at this!
Apollo Up! performs the songs of Mission to Burma
Larissa Maestro & The Melrose Place Band perform the songs of Letters to Cleo
Brett (Quichenight Rosenberg performs the songs of Tom Lehrer
Drug Buddiez perform the songs of The Lemonheads
There's also a silent auction, stand-up comedy and ( I assume ) drink specials. A good cause with a great lineup of entertainment.. we should all make the effort to attend.
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Wed, May. 8, 2013

James Wallace and The Naked Light – “To The River”

It's been a long time coming but the James Wallace and The Naked Light album, Some Strange News From Another Star, has finally made its way to vinyl. You can get it here. To celebrate the release, the band released a rather brilliant video for To The River - it's simple but it's captivating.
NEWS · Comments Off · Wed, May. 8th, 2013 at 10:28am

Hotpipes – “Magic Is Everywhere”

I'm biased but this new Hotpipes album, Dust, is beyond good. The newly released video for "Magic Is Everywhere" is a testament to its goodness. I've watched it so many times and it's every bit as engaging as it was the first time.

Playing this Saturday, May 11th, at Mercy Lounge for their record release show. It's $10 and you get a copy of the LP.
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