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Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2011

We Own This Town: Volume 47

Awhile back, Doug got together with Jeremy Ferguson to film a new We Own This Town Session featuring William Tyler – a man who seems to be involved in as many projects as you could imagine. Among them: Lambchop, Silver Jews, Hands Off Cuba, Charlie Louvin, Candi Staton, Wooden Wand, his own label and his own solo endeavors. That is to say, he’s in high demand and, obviously, incredibly talented. Please enjoy these performances of “Missionary Ridge” and “Tears and Saints” – both from his album Behold The Spirit.

Video credits after the jump…

William Tyler
– Missionary Ridge
– Tears and Saints

Produced by:
Doug Lehmann
Andy Snyder

Recorded & Mixed by:
Jeremy Ferguson
Battle Tapes Studios

Assistant Engineer:
Candice Burnside

Camera by:
Doug Lehmann
Andy Snyder

Edit by:
Doug Lehmann

Audio Mastering By:
John Baldwin

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One response to “We Own This Town: Volume 47”

  1. Wow, thanks for creating this. The simple, black and white video style really encourages the viewer to take in William Tyler’s intricate, vibrant songs.

    I also enjoyed hearing his thoughts on churches, and how they impacted his music. He made a great observation about churches in the South resembling offices buildings, while old, European churches had an unmistakable mystique about them. I think “Tears and Saints” captures that very well.

    Again, great job with this piece! I came here by way of No Country for New Nashville (

    -Wes Davenport